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When consciousness is transformed things begin to happen, man operates differently, sees differently, feels differently.
Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

"It is one thing not to know your history. But it is much worse, not to WANT to know. Knowledge of self is fundamental." - Dr. Runoko Rashidi

…we endure what America is. If we black folk perish, America will perish.
Richard Wright


Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter, former leader of the Southern California Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

“Bunchy sat me down and explained his reasons for joining the Black Panthers,” he continues. “He said he was tired of being oppressed.”

“You have to understand that Bunchy, he didn’t have the same fear that I had. He was a very proud strong young man, and by this time, he had been arrested and incarcerated—whereas a person like me who had not been involved in any of that kind of stuff was scared. There were certain values that our mother instilled in me as the oldest brother. Like Bunchy, I had a role to play in our family and he had his. The bottom line was that I knew something bad was going to happen because I knew my brother felt strongly about the injustices that were happening to black people at the time. But it was his destiny to fulfill and I was concerned with making sure it had as small an impact as possible on our mother.” - Bernie Morris, oldest brother of Bunchy Carter


UCLA students and Black Panther members John Huggins and Bunchy Carter were killed at Campbell Hall by members of a rival Black Power organization Kwanzaa-founder Maulana Karenga’s black revolutionary organization “Us.” . In 1975, a U.S. Senate committee learned that the FBI had worked covertly to increase hostilities between the two groups.


John Huggins and Bunchy Carter were two very important leaders from the Black Panther Party. They were murdered by the power structure after being set-up by the FBI. Click picture to read the text.


The “Mayor of The Ghetto”.


Frederick Douglas-self educated man, reading.

The violence that we had in the 60’s was limited. The next time it will be unlimited because the violence in the 60’s was a struggle for human dignity and for human rights. The next struggle will be a struggle for survival and it will not just be limited to Black people or Black against white, but it will be the poor people, the masses of the people of the country, struggling for the right to live or the right to survive.

Robert F. Williams

Taken from a 1982 interview. For those who don’t know, Robert F. Williams was a Black revolutionary who called for armed self-defense just a few years before Malcolm X. Eventually, the FBI set out wanted posters to frame him and jail him, so he fled to Cuba.


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The man who was written out of history and the Civil Rights Movement and chased out of the country by the FBI for advocating self-defense. He, along with Malcolm X (who was assassinated in 1965), advocated for self-defense from racist and other attacks by any means necessary. His name is Robert F. Williams. This video is from 1959

“I made a statement that if the law, if the United States Constitution cannot be enforced in this social jungle called Dixie, it is time that Negroes must defend themselves even if it is necessary to resort to violence.

“That there is no law here, there is no need to take the white attackers to the courts because they will go free and that the federal government is not coming to the aid of people who are oppressed, and it is time for Negro men to stand up and be men and if it is necessary for us to die we must be willing to die. If it is necessary for us to kill we must be willing to kill.”


The Way It Was……Mobile, Alabama, 1956. Series 4/5

"By Any Means Necessary"…..An African American teen, with his siblings in the background, standing guard with a gun during racial violence in Alabama,1956. Gordon Parks, Photographer.

You can't debate truth (Interview with Robert F. Williams, 1968)


The following is taken from the last part of an interview involving Robert F. Williams in 1968. He is the man from the civil rights movement they don’t want you to know about, who was written out of history and forced out of the country by the FBI for advocating armed…


President of the Monroe, North Carolina, branch of the NAACP, Robert F. Williams (center), organizing his branch with arms in support of self-defense against white supremacists.